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Course Title

Strategic Tax Mitigation Using Sections of the Tax Code

Course Description

Strategic Tax Mitigation necessarily involves collaborating with clients and their Tax Advisors to reduce taxes due to the impacts of: ordinary, passive, and portfolio income; the purchase and sale of assets, including real estate; retirement and estate planning issues. Using case studies Bob shows how, through collaboration, clients have been able to substantially reduce taxes, or redeploy after-tax dollars in ways that positively impact their wealth enhancement strategies.  These strategies are replicable. Primary code sections utilized include:
  • IRC section 1031 Like Kind Exchange
  • IRC section 179 Deductions (as an investment)
  • IRC section 170 (h) Qualified Conservation Contributions
  • IRC section 7702 Life Insurance Contract

Course Objective

  • Familiarity with tax codes and novel methodologies that can offer tax relief to your clients.
  • How operating from a tax-efficient mindset can bring large benefits to your clients.
  • Why a thorough financial check-up is necessary and how it can potentially save your client thousands in taxes.
  • How you as a CPA, EA, or other Tax Professional can directly benefit from employing these strategies.
“Recently, I constructed strategies that saved a client $133,000 in taxes, a second client eliminated taxes from an $800,000 business sale, and a third client eliminated $800,000 boot from a 1031 exchange. The total tax savings were calculated to be $535,000. This year, for one client, I proposed changes to a portfolio investment program which reallocated current expenses. The bottom line – expenses were reduced by $6,500/year and a retirement program that will produce $162,000/ year tax-free income for life (65-90) was created.” Let me show you how, with an analytical and goal-oriented strategy, you may be able to reduce your clients’ taxes, and set-up a retirement account that will produce tax-free income. Who should attend: If you are a tax professional that has clients that make more than $300,000/yr with a spouse, or $200,000/yr if they are single, and their taxes at a federal level exceed $65,000.00, you should attend. You will learn how to save your clients thousands in taxes. Schedule a free in-house seminar for your tax professionals in your office.

Results may not be typical depending on past and/or current IRC codes that are subject to change.