Alternative Investments

Distinct to our industry, we have access to an array of Alternative Investment products for diversification that are not available to the general public. Diversification is a core investing principle to mitigate risk. With alternatives, you may be able to obtain diversification of industry and geographical area.

Products are available for direct investment by investors meeting net worth and income standards, including:

  • Tax Mitigation Strategies*
  • 1031 Exchange Properties (securitized) view inventory at
  • 721 UPREIT Exchange Properties
  • Conservation Easements
  • Energy Programs
  • Tax-free Retirement Programs
  • Non-traded REITs
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Secured Corporate Debt
  • In addition to real estate, we use public securities, private securities, and insurance.

*IREXA Financial Services | Wealth Strategies and Great Point Capital, LLC do not provide legal or tax advice.